The Rupture – Lyrics

1814 the shocking of the parish
Many stood there ready to be perished
The walls burst down from the gush
From the liquid which was meant to delight
Oh the irony on that faithful night
300.000 rushed down the streets
Awoke many from their sheets
This is not what the people had hoped for
Neither what they had wished for
Consuming all in a hazardous way
There was no time to pray

There was no time to recall this
They would soon seek out the abyss
London streets were full of it
And everything had to be omit
Judged to be an act of god
The incident was no one’s fault
Mourn after the ones who drowned
The guilty was nowhere to be found

HAIL to the director
HAIL to the company
HAIL to the ones who slipped up
HAIL to the cover up club
This wretched part of our history
A different kind of delivery
Corruption by the industry
We must protect our country

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